Being A Responsible Adult (Vlog 10)

July 8, 2016

In this week's vlog I try to figure out the best time to fit my exercise in and make sure I take care of my…

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How Anxiety Inspired Me To Start Running And Begin A Two-Week Challenge

June 27, 2016

A few weeks ago, I was anxious. I could audibly hear every breath exiting and entering my body. Every task, including putting my kids’ shoes…

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Body Image And Toddler Life (Vlog 6)

June 14, 2016

Last weekend was pretty typical, but fun. We are getting out again and feeling great. I also had lunch with a friend and I found…

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My Top 3 Post-Twin Pregnancy Abdominal Workout Moves

April 25, 2016

Having three pregnancies, (including one twin pregnancy), has pushed my body to the limit. What has been the biggest casualty? my midsection. I am often…

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What I Do To Reduce My Daily Stress

April 20, 2016

I never truly knew what stress felt like until I became a mother. Some days it's the little things that get to me, like the…

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