I Yell At My Kids, But…

yellingRecently I was asked if I ever yell at my kids. The truth is, yes I yell, but I am working on it.

Let’s face it, parenting is hard and sometimes you just want to scream.

I have found yelling a slippery slope. It can become a bad habit and uncontrollable at times.

There are weeks where I feel like all I do is yell and there are other weeks that I am shocked at my level of patience, even when I am being slapped by one of my toddlers.

But I have come a long way and it has required a lot of pre-meditated thought and prevention to stop the yelling cycle in our home.

mother and kids

The biggest factor which has caused this positive shift is reducing my stress level and fiercely protecting my sleep. When I am zen and properly rested, I can handle the full cup of milk being intentionally poured on the carpet by my two-year-old, or my five and seven-year-old’s fights because despite our large home, they have to be within four inches of each other.

I have also found that the further I move away from the baby stage, the more I can get in front of the problem, or think clearly enough to use other methods to communicate with my children than yelling.

Maybe it’s because the haze of sleep deprivation and the frantic moments that a newborn can bring, is gone. I am showering regularly now and having more “me” time. All of these things are doing something to me that keeps me level headed.

I have learned that validating my toddler’s feelings by asking her if she’s mad and making sure she knows I get how she feels can stop a meltdown in it’s tracks.

mother and kids

I have learned that my big kids are pretty smart, and if I give them a heads up that I am exhausted and my “patience bucket” is almost empty, they get it and ease up on me.

Most of all I have heard what I sound like some days when editing our vlog. In fact watching myself get snippy has completely changed the way I talk to our family.

Do I really sound like that?

I highly suggest setting up a camera in your home. You’d be surprised.

So… yes I yell. But barely anymore. I will probably always pepper my parenting with yelling because I am human and some situations, (specifically when safety is concerned), calls for it.

Here’s a peek into our chaotic world…

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Workout Overhaul And Body After Baby Update

Body after baby

Sometimes it takes stepping out of my busy world and reflecting to really see what path I am going down. Recently, as I was editing my vlogs, I realized that my body was getting a little soft and my super fast workout routine was just not cutting it anymore.

In this vlog I talk about my body’s journey and share an update on it today. I start to create a new workout plan which gets a bit derailed by bad weather and a busy weekend. But I am off to good start.

Welcome to our home…

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What I Do When I Am “In A Funk”

four kids

We all have them. Off days. You know, those days where you feel unmotivated and like you are in a fog. You feel like you are going in slow motion and although you know what you need to do, you have a hard time getting there.

The recent heat wave sent me into a funk for a couple days last week and turned all of our kids upside-down. We were all off.

In this vlog I talk about what I do when I am in a funk. Truthfully, I don’t fight it. I cozy up to it, pamper myself and jump back in the next day.

Welcome to our home…

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I Broke Down Which Helped Me Find My Path – Why I Am Focusing More On Video

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 7.38.47 PM

This is a story I have been meaning to tell for months. I don’t know why I haven’t. I think sometimes we wait for the perfect time, but it just doesn’t come. I owe it to all of you to discuss why I have been moving more towards video.

I will keep writing, in fact, the quality of my writing will probably go up, now that I am writing a little less. But the truth is, for this part of my journey, and to tell our story best, video is a great fit.

Watch my latest vlog to see why and where I had a breakdown/breakthrough and what I did about it.

Welcome to our home…

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Where Does Our Food Come From? A Family Lesson While Making a Natural Heating/Cooling Bag DIY

This blog post was created with Hellmann’s® and JONES Voice

 I am ready to admit it. For a long time, especially while I was pregnant with our twins and the year following, I was just trying to survive. I would race out to the grocery store whenever I had a minute, especially just after my husband, Mike would get home from work, so I could zip out kid-free and just get it done. I would grab loads of produce and then grab our family’s staples; foods I knew were easy to cook and everyone would actually eat.

A lot of the time when I am stocking our kitchen in such a rush, I don’t really think too much about what the ingredients are in our foods. I am big on fresh produce, but as far as everything goes, I just opt for what is easy and has some nutritional value.

I know so many moms who are hyper aware of ingredients and base their decisions while shopping on their vast knowledge. There are times when I feel a bit guilty and embarrassed that I don’t know more about our food.

Our oldest kids; Holden who is seven-years-old, and Beau who is five-years-old, have hit this extremely inquisitive age. They want to know how everything works and how everything is made. This means that I need to start learning the answers to all of their questions quick, and sometimes just jumping on Google doesn’t always cut it.

I have started including them in activities around our house, like gardening, and picking up magazines and books that have loads of photos and information on food, for them to pour through and understand what we eat a little better.

Recently I had the opportunity to watch a live stream on Facebook as three families took a tour of a Hellmann’s Blue Ribbon canola farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. The live event was very informative and in the end I felt relieved learning about the simple ingredients: egg, canola oil and vinegar, that go into the perfect jar of mayonnaise.

I decided to take this little lesson one step further with our kids, and create an everyday item using foods from a farm: a seed/grain heating/cooling bag. To get started, I cut out two pieces of fabric into rectangles, eyeballing what size would sit comfortably on my shoulder. I then sewed three sides together, leaving a small opening on one side.

Before filling the bag with grains and seeds, I sat down with Holden and Beau handing them each a cup. One contained oats and the other contained flax seeds. I then asked them where these grains and seeds come from. Beau proudly stated, “an egg,” and Holden thought he was correcting her by answering “heaven.” Oh boy! I had my work cut out for me.Hellmanns

As Holden and Beau each poured their cup into the bag, I explained how these were each grown on a farm and talked about the simple ingredients in many of their favourite foods.Hellmanns 2

Hellmanns 3


After Holden and Beau finished pouring their cups into the bag, and I finished answering many questions about farming, we sewed it up and each took turns trying out the heating pad, which worked really well! I have since enjoyed our little educational and practical DIY project more than anyone.


Although I still feel like I have a long way to go on educating my family and myself more about what is in our foods, I think this is a great start.

You can learn more about Hellmann’s mayonnaise and the simple ingredients that go into making a tasty jar here…

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Hellmann’s. While compensation was provided, all opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily indicative of the opinions of Hellmann’s.