Big Life Lessons I Learned From Doing Daily Videos

FamilyWell, it’s done, we did it, we’ve closed that chapter. I am talking about creating one video every day in the month of September.

There were days that I almost threw the towel in because I had to re-do an entire vlog when files were corrupt, or when the kids and I were sick. But that voice in my head was so strong, and my determination to see-through this challenge, (that was my idea), was so powerful, I just had to finish, and finish well.

This experience was life-changing. No, seriously, I am not just throwing around a term used too often. It literally changed my life.

Here are some lessons I learned while creating 30 personal videos in 30 days…

I am A LOT stronger than I thought. This lesson is something I had already learned once before, when I was pregnant with my twins. Deciding that I was going to take on such an enormous task that was mentally, physically and intellectually draining was one thing, but not giving up, or skipping a video, even when people who were cheering me on supported me to “take a break,” was the biggest test.

When I was pregnant with my twins, I never had the option to take my gigantic tummy off for a day to take a break. I was in it whether I liked it or not.

Doing daily videos for a month was my idea. No one was relying on me to produce them. There was no monetary pay-out at the end. It was just a personal goal that I took on and could have just as easily given up on.

I am not a 90% person. I had always been the person that would want something, but not even try because I would be scared that I wouldn’t be perfect at it, or complete it. But this time I started and ended something that was really, really hard, and that feels really good.

My marriage is pretty damn strong. It is no secret that in the past couple of years our marriage went to a very bad place, and with a lot of hard work from both of us, we have turned it around.

About a week, after starting filming, editing and uploading a video everyday, when the honeymoon phase was over, and Mike and I got into a fight.

Don’t get me wrong, he was my number one supporter, and partner in this project. I can’t even remember the details about why we were fighting, but we fought.

It was so bad that neither of us caved, and he decided to sleep on the couch downstairs that night. Ouch.

But the next morning we talked, worked it out and got passed it. From that point on we teamed up and I worked each evening as Mike picked up my slack around the house.

We found our joy in doing the videos again, and this test, in turn has made us an even stronger duo.

I found Nesting Story’s direction for the next chapter. Although I know for sure, (at least for right now), that three videos a week, instead of seven is a better fit for us, I have fallen in love with video all over again.

For a long time I was only telling our story through written word and photographs on the blog. But organically more and more has shifted to video. I love that we are able to share our story through video with the blog supporting it.

I have completely fallen in love with the YouTube community as well as the community of people I have reached on my other social media sites through video. I have created long-lasting friendships with other creators and have truly felt supported in this endeavour.

Thank you. All of you!

How precious time with my family is. Doing daily vlogs took me away from my family. We all survived, but it made me miss them in a way that I needed to experience.

For a long time I was living from nap time to nap time and conference to conference.  I had been so burnt out from having twins and being in the baby stage for so long that I was just going through the motions.

But working around the clock while watching the previous day unfold in front of me on my computer did something to my soul.

It made me want to participate in life with my husband and my kids again. It made me want to do things with them, like cook, venture out of the house, play and show more interest in what they were doing.

Because of this renewed love of family time, I have been actively taking some unnecessary irons out of the fire and creating time.


In the end I always circle back to why I started sharing what started as my story, and became my family’s story… to connect. I was so lonely during my twin pregnancy and wanted to know that I wasn’t alone, and that maybe there was another mom out there like me.

I wanted to open up my experience of motherhood complete with triumphs and failures, but always problem solving along the way.

Whether I am sharing on video, the blog, or other websites like Baby Center, I will continue to be real, to inspire and to connect.

Here is the last of my September daily vlogs with something very special at the end…

Vlog Recap: What We Did Last Week (September 16 – 23)

girls in bath

Last week we decided to venture out of the house to Ikea with all four kids while we are still getting over colds. There we find a solution to our over-flowing twins’ clothes problem.

I talk about the future of the vlogs and what you can expect come October and also get together with another YouTuber to work on a really fun collaboration.

The big kids start speech therapy, and despite their protests, they end up loving it.

But I start to really struggle with low energy levels and wonder if I am over-doing it, or am I getting sick?

Welcome to our week…


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Vlog Recap: What We Did Last Week (September 8 – 15)

reading to kids

This past week was a bit of a mixed bag. I was feeling the terrible twos with the twins hard, which was bringing Mike and I down a bit. But I had an epiphany which has changed my mindset and helped me cope with this difficult phase.

The older kids continued to binge on their iPads, so I created a new screen-time system which also has them helping more around the house. I am happy to report that it has worked beautifully.

I take you on a much-requested home tour, but this isn’t just any home tour, it’s a real one. What does that mean? I didn’t clean before-hand. Then on September 11th I remember and tell my story of where I was that day.

I ended our week with a really exciting excision… the Toronto Facebook office! There, I take you on a tour and introduce you to one of my favourite vlogging-mamas.

Welcome to our week…



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Our Family Is Daily Vlogging In September! This Is What We Did Last Week…

Four Kids

You may have heard… we have lost our marbles and have decided to film, edit and upload a new video each day to our YouTube channel this month.

Why? Well, you’re why. We love our community so much, we wanted to invite you into our world on a daily basis for the month of September.

We are starting school, hitting new milestones and always keeping it very, very REAL!

From meltdowns (both with the kids and the adults) to exciting moments and silliness, we aren’t holding back.

So grab your popcorn and check out what we were up to last week…

Thursday September 1

Friday September 2

Saturday September 3

Sunday September 4

Monday September 5

Tuesday September 6

Wednesday September 7

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5 Things I Do Each Day to Handle What’s On My Plate

Every day I have A LOT on my plate. My to-do list could go on forever and, on top of it, I have to carve out time for my relationship with my husband and for four little humans who rely on me to be fed, loved, played with, taught and guided.

mom reading to children

Every once in a while I will attempt to wrap my mind around all the responsibilities I have as a mom, a wife and a business owner, and I will feel a little panic set in. But before I succumb to the voice inside my head that says, “it’s too much, you are sinking,” I take these steps and I know that I can get through the day.

To keep myself in-sync, and make sure my mind and body are perfectly in line, I take these five steps:

  1. Routine
  2. Assess
  3. Prioritize
  4. Gain Perspective
  5. Pamper

Routine. I am all about routine. In fact, my whole family is, and at times we can feel a little off on weekends or on holiday. So the days that we don’t have school drop-offs creating structure, I still keep a routine in place. That includes me waking up before everyone else and working out and showering, ensuring we have meals around the same time each day, building quiet time for everyone into our day and sticking to the same bedtimes. When there are six members in the family, I find routine vital for each of us.

working out

Assess. Those moments when I can feel my to-do list strangling me, and the panic setting in, I know it is time to assess my life, especially my workload. I heard something so simple recently, but it made such an impact on my work life: “Take every project you are working on and visualize them all in front of you. If there is something that you don’t love, take that off your plate.” That is a motto I now live by and it has changed my world. Assess your workload and assess your relationships on a regular basis. You may be surprised by what is bringing you down and realize that it is okay to let some stuff go.

Prioritize. I love to-do lists. Seriously, they are like air to me. I have tried lots of fancy apps and organizers, but in the end a simple pad of lined paper makes for the best to-do list. Each day I split my page in two. The first list is what must get done; the second list is if I have time. I then number each item by priority and start hacking away, feeling a rush as I cross out each item.

untitled (1 of 1)-5

Gain perspective. I talk to myself. No, really I do. All day long. I keep an inner dialogue going with myself, which may sound like I have fallen off my rocker, but, really, it’s to keep me in check. I am constantly asking myself, “how are you feeling?” I will have little conversations with myself in my head making plans about how I am going to tackle a problem and how big a deal I am going to make about each obstacle. When I feel myself getting too out of sync, I reach out and talk to my husband or my mom, asking them whether I am being unreasonable. Often I realize that my problem may not be as big as I have made it out to be.

Pamper. I think constantly pampering myself is probably the most effective way I am able to stay in sync with my inner self and achieve my daily goals. I pamper myself by exercising in the morning, taking the time to do my hair and put makeup on, or carving out a rest with a yummy snack each day. Making healthy choices that make me feel better helps me have the energy and mental clarity to tackle everything on my plate. When I am really falling out of sync, I take a hot bath or go get a massage.

mother reading bookThe thing is, I have learned over the years that if I am not in in sync with my inner self, I will start sinking, and before I can give anything to any of my family, or tackle a looming deadline, I have to take care of myself. It’s only when you feel totally in sync with your core that you can harness your greatest potential.

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