Basement Bathroom Renovation Reveal And Life Update

Joanna Fowler December 23, 2020 Home, Decor

Why hello there!

It has been a hot minute since I have blogged. Honestly, I think I barely kept my head above water this past fall.

It wasn’t terrible. I want to make that clear. A lot of amazing things have been going on in my life. But it was A LOT!

A mix of kids being back at school in a pandemic, being in a really amazing relationship (possibly more on that eventually), finding my rhythm co-parenting, working two jobs… Nesting Story and the Marketing Manager of the Realtor team I recently joined (more on that soon too), and I am also in school (I’m getting my Realtor license).

Yeah… a lot.

But the biggest would be parenting.

One of my kids has needed me more than usual and I am committed to showing up. I wouldn’t say we are completely out of the woods, but I would say there’s room to breathe again.

Because guys, parenting is f*$@ing hard at the best of times, but add on a global pandemic and a divorce… holy smokes. But I am here, on the other side of the storm.

So that’s the broad strokes of where I’ve been. I know I am being super vague, but give me a bit of time and I am sure I will be showing up here more.

In the meantime I really wanted to show you my recent home project.

Years ago I had a bathroom roughed-in in my basement that would eventually be finished when Holden’s room moved down there. Well that day arrived. Holden is a pre-teen and it was time to give him his own space away from his little sisters. It was important to me to do it right.

Now, I am not going to be sharing his room, because I am trying to give my kids more privacy, but I was so excited to show you how the basement bathroom turned out.

You can watch the full bathroom tour here…

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