An Old School Desk is Given a Fresh Surf Look With a Hand Painted Touch

Joanna Fowler September 20, 2013 Home, DIY

IMG_5171I think my designer eye is rubbing off on Mike because he recently waltzed into our house very proud of himself that he and Holden found a old school desk with a “free” sign on someone’s lawn.  I must say I was pretty impressed, the desk was perfect for Holden’s room.  It was time to get creative!


First I gave this worn piece of furniture new life with a fresh coat of paint.  I used red spray paint and was pretty successful.


In keeping with the surfer theme we have going in Holden’s room I decided to add a hand painted touch.  IMG_5169Here’s the finished product:


Adding a hand painted accent to your furniture is a great way to customize a special piece on a budget.

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