Am I the only one experiencing moody kids as they approach Kindergarten?

Joanna Fowler May 24, 2018 Blog, Family, Parenting

Twins starting kindergarten

My twins are starting kindergarten in September. Let’s just let that one sink in for a minute. I think I must have joked about just getting to September, 2018, since before our twins were born. That seemed like our point of arrival.

Now that our family is looking down the barrel at that date, we are dealing with a lot of different emotions. How are Mike and I feeling?


Our twins? I wonder if it has really sunk in. But to be honest, we have been going through a rough behavior patch since late winter with them. Defiance, attitude, whining, you name it. It has been rough. One of the hardest parts has been that every time I have tried to “fix” them it hasn’t worked.

Even my world famous cuddles have been getting rejected. What gives?

Just as I was about to sit my girls out on our lawn with a “free to a good home” sign (joking!!!), it dawned on me…

We went through the same rocky patch with the six months leading up to kindergarten with each of our older kids. Could this phase possibly be a thing? I would look it up in one of the many “What to Expect” books I used to own, but I gave them away years ago. So I am just assuming this phase, this horrible, I feel like I live with cavemen, phase is a thing. A common thing that parents go through.

So now that we’ve established that I’m probably not alone, let’s unpack this shift in personality, shall we?

I think our twins are feeling their new independence and pending responsibility. I think they are trying to figure out who they are, and realizing that they are their own individual people. Could they be rejecting my cuddles to cut the cord before kindergarten? Possibly.

Whatever the reason is, I have decided just to love them. To listen to them. To allow them to be their own self and foster their self-confidence. I definitely know that having our twins in daycare has helped prepare Mia and Everly for “bid kid school”. We will get through this phase, and I am prepared to wait until mid-September for it to pass… like it did our older kids.

So, hang in there parents of almost-kindies. You are NOT alone.

twins graduating daycare

Mia and Everly’s Kids & Company graduation photos.

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4 thoughts on “Am I the only one experiencing moody kids as they approach Kindergarten?”

  1. As a single mom of three (8,6, and 4), I totally understand what you are going thru!!!! I’m also an identical twin, so I thought I’d share a few things that might have helped us. Let them know individually that you see them for who they are. Twin are constantly between compared and contrasted to one another as a way for others to “tell them appart”, but this can be hurtful if not careful. Smart one, dumb one, tall one, short one, ugly one (ouch/ridiculous but happens), pretty one, etc. Address fears and concerns about kindergarten with patience and reassurance and squeeze in time to let them know they are individually valued. (Not just a part of a set). People love to lump multiples together as if we are one half of a complete person. Hope this perspective helps?‍♀️

  2. My twins are preparing for kindergarten in August. My one girl is so excited and the other is not. She is also acting out with moodiness and defiance and some anger. We are also building a house and moving into it around that same time () so I think she’s dealing with ore-transition issues…

  3. You are not alone. My kids especially the second one is such a moody child. It was such a hard time for me during those days. However, when she became a grade-schooler, everything was better. Thanks for sharing.

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