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08.30.2017 – YouTube
Nesting Story was chosen as YouTube’s Creator on the Rise
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Baby Center
Visit my Baby Center blogger page to read my weekly articles
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Yummy Mummy Club
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Scary Mommy
This Dad’s Simple Text Is The Love Letter Everly Mom Wants To Get
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10.05.2015 – Good Housekeeping
19 Christmas Table Decorations for Your Holiday Meal
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03.20.2015 – Baby Center
This Is What 4 Kids In 5 Years Really Looks Like
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03.20.2015 – Lamaze International
An Inspiring Trend: Mom Shares Positive Messages About Birth & Bodies
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03.20.2015 – CJAD 800AM, Barry Morgan (Live Radio)
Meaningful Lessons Learned By A Mommy Blogger
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03.19.2015 – The Huffington Post
The Meaningful Lesson This Mom Blogger Learned When Photos Of Her Body Went Viral
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03.18.2015 – Global News (On Camera & Audio)
This Canadian Mom’s Uplifting Message About Her Pregnancy Body Is Going Viral

03.17.2015 – People Magazine
Mommy Blogger’s Post About Her Pregnancy Body Goes Viral
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03.17.2015 – Yahoo Parenting
Mom Of Four Answers Bullies After Posting Unretouched Photos
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03.17.2015 – Independent Journalism Review
Mom Of Four Boldly Shares Untouched Post-Baby Photos
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03.16.2015 – CTV News: (On Camera)
‘You Are A Vessel’: Mother Of Four Shares Story About Accepting Her Post-Baby Body
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03.16.2015 – Popsugar Moms
What Having Four Kids (Including Twins) Has Done To My Body And My Confidence
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03.15.2015 – Life And Style Magazine
Mother-of-Four Shares Journey of Giving Birth to Four Kids and Accepting Her Post-Baby Body
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03.04.2015 – Fit Pregnancy
Mom-Of-Four’s Inspiring Pregnancy Weight Loss
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03.13.2015 – Huffington Post Canada
What Having Four Kids Has Done To My Body And My Confidence
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03.13.2015 – Today
What Four kids Does To Your Body: Mom’s Honest, Inspirational Journey
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03.13.2015 – Elite Daily
Mother Of Four Bravely Shares How Her Body Changed After Having Kids
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03.12.2015 – Cosmopolitan
Mom Of Four Shares Beautiful Before/After Photos From Each Pregnancy
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03.12.2015 – Woman’s Day
Mom Of Four Shares Beautiful, Real, Before-And-After-Each-Pregnancy
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03.18.2015 – Ser Padres Embarazo
What Happens In The Body After Being A Mom?
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03.17.2015 – Mamamia Australia
Here’s What Having 4 Babies In 5 Years Can Do To Your Body Image
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03.17.2015 – Dagens Denmark
This Woman’s Message Of Her Body After Four Births Have Gone Round The World
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03.15.2015 – Daily Mail UK
Mother-Of-Four Shares Inspirational And Honest Before And After Photos Showing How Childbirth Changed Her Body
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